Skilled Nursing/Home Health

Helping Hands Therapy was founded with a mission to deliver high quality therapy services to our clients.

We strive to provide individualized therapeutic programs that will promote independence and improve the quality of life of our patients. We can provide a dedicated team of therapists and consultative services for skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies. We have years of experience developing and managing comprehensive therapy programs for facilities. We are committed to designing and developing a contractual relationship with you that will best meet your needs. Our core values are reflected in the following ways:


  • Our therapists are up-to-date on current rehabilitative techniques.
  • Our documentation meets all Medicare requirements.
  • Our Speech and Language Pathologists are certified with Clinical Swallowing Assessment (CSA) and Vital Stem Therapy.


  • Helping Hands Therapy abides by HIPAA guidelines and regulations. All of our employees have completed HIPAA training.


  • We understand the financial constraints being faced, so we offer cost effective services in all 3 disciplines of therapy.
  • We offer individualized care to each patient on caseload.


  • Our network of therapists is able to provide reliable and consistent therapy services throughout the year to meet your needs, even holiday coverage.
  • We offer an onsite lead therapist for each facility, Rehab/Clinical Manager and a Client Relations Manager to contact with questions or concerns.


  • Electronic documentation on therapy sessions is available within 24 hours of treatment being rendered. MDS Coordinators and DONs can be given access to our EMR for current treatment notes.
  • Helping Hands Therapy’s lead therapist will conduct weekly rehab meetings.
  • Rehab/Clinical Manager sends weekly ARD reports to MDS Coordinators.


  • Our therapists enjoy using creative approaches in therapy to ensure participation by each patient.


  • Helping Hands Therapy’s Rehab Manager/Scheduler plans and coordinates all minutes to ensure best patient care and that appropriate RUG categories are reached.
  • Helping Hands Therapy works closely with MDS Coordinators and all restorative nursing staff. We understand the importance of a team approach to achieve optimum patient care.