Nothing speaks louder than the voices of our clients and employees at Helping Hands Therapy. Our goal is to provide quality care for our clients and a fantastic work environment for our employees. We would love to hear from you about your experience with Helping Hands Therapy. Please submit your testimony here.

“From the moment I walked in the door until I was done I was treated with respect from the professionals at Helping Hands Pysical Therapy. From the front office with Debbie to Andrea the physical therapist they took the time to listen to my concerns and then they addressed those concerns. Great experience!! Thank you ladies.” JF, patient at Livingston Clinic

“Your team of therapists are very good with the residents and they have VERY high levels of patience with some of our more difficult ones! It shows they only want the best for our residents!” Terri Pritchett, MDS Coordinator at contracted SNF.

“The receptionist was always friendly and my therapist was great. I would definitely recommend Helping Hands Therapy to my friends and family. We are very pleased with the outcome of my treatment!” ZT, student and patient at Greensboro Outpatient Clinic

“Helping Hands Therapy provides self-help skills to benefit me to be able to get back to my normal self…  Services that allow me to work at a comfortable pace and to be able to gain strength to the area of concern. Helping Hands cares about how I feel and is concerned enough to make me feel better day by day. I would recommend their services to anyone in need.  Thanks Helping Hands team for helping me feel complete again.” Mr. Ennis Johnson, patient at Livingston Outpatient Clinic.

“Both therapists have a great rapport with the students and staff. They also provide positive feedback and greatly needed suggestions for the classroom interventions that we need. Thanks for all their help and assistance!” A. Bunch, Lamar County Special Education Teacher.

“We have a wonderful group of therapists here…we’ve had some difficult patients and the therapists have been patient and have REALLY worked with these patients to get them to participate. We have wonderful communication with each other.” Barbara Haywood, nurse at contracted facility.

“Helping Hands Therapy is a great company, and I am privileged to get to work again with a group of people who’ve decided to make it their life’s work to help other people have the best life they can have.  Seeing what you do for people makes me proud to be a part of this organization!  Also, having worked with Jia and Roshonda for years as their previous Business Manager through July of 2012, I know their heart for people, their compassion for others, and their desire to see others succeed, whether that be an employee, a client, or a patient.  I have seen them put actions to those desires. And I have seen how hard and how long they work.” Lisa Smith, Business Manager

“I would like to thank you and your team for playing such an integral role in the future of the students who graduate from WSCC OTA Program. You provide them with numerous fieldwork and employment opportunities and have in the past visited the class to given them insight into what is waiting for them in the OT world! Certified Occupation Therapy Assistant, BL, is loving the school system and Helping Hands. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen a new grad who is more excited and appreciative of the job!” Gail Hyatt, Wallace State Community College

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